Love Your Face


Vibe with the skin you're in.


Help your skin help itself with customized rituals that keep your skin's natural acid mantle intact to reveal the best version of the skin you're in.


All facial services offered include customized treatments for the current state of your skin.

Ingredients rich in nutrition nourish your skin and spirit. Organically grown herbs, adaptogenic plants, mineral-rich clays and antioxidant oils are the cornerstones of all services offered for complete skin wellness.

All treatments utilize multiple healing modalities appropriate for your skin's current state, including; ultrasonic exfoliation, LED phototherapy, immaculate extractions, lymphatic drainage massage, and reflexology.


Your skin deserves a ritual.

Feeling depleted? Dedicating time to yourself to refill your physical, emotional and spiritual energy reserves is essential in order to move through life with ease and have the ability to be fully present for what you truly care about.

Raising your own vibrational frequencies is vital for attracting what you want from the universe. Achieving a higher vibrational frequency is achieved by taking a moment for yourself in gratitude and restoring your light through self love and care. 


All services use exclusively whole ingredients, responsibly sourced, and always free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, BHA, EDTA, synthetic fragrances, and PEG compounds.

Skin and spirit salvation starts here.



Facials for the people!

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